Cosmetic Dental Bonding Uses: Are You a Candidate?

If your smile is in need of some minor improvements, cosmetic dental bonding may be the solution for you. Cosmetic dental bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored composite resin material that is carefully applied to the teeth. The dental bonding material can mask dental imperfections, including stains, chips, and gaps, in just one short treatment session. At the Brooklyn and Manhattan offices of Dr. Maurice Benjamin, cosmetic dental bonding is a popular option for patients. To ensure that they are good candidates for treatment, patients will undergo a general dentistry appointment, which allows the dentist to check the health of the teeth and gums. If patients are in good oral health and have any of the following cosmetic dental problems, they are likely good candidates for cosmetic dental bonding.

Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration has many different causes. Most tooth discoloration is caused by exposure to foods, drinks, and tobacco products. These stains affect the surface of the teeth and can be reduced with teeth whitening treatment. However, other types of stains affect the deeper structures of the teeth; these stains are more resistant to teeth whitening. They are more effectively treated with dental materials that mask the stains rather than trying to lift them. Stains that are caused by the use of certain medications, overexposure to fluoride, are the death of the tooth’s pulp tissues can be covered with the tooth-colored dental bonding material.

Chips and Cracks

Although the teeth are able to withstand great amounts of pressure and stress, they can still chip or crack. Minor chips and cracks can be filled in with a composite resin material. This treatment is ideal for patients who still have the majority of their tooth structure remaining. Those who have lost a significant portion of the tooth may be better suited for placement of a dental crown.


Tooth gaps tend to be a matter of preference. Some people like their gap, while others prefer to seek treatment for gaps. If you prefer to go without the gap, cosmetic dental bonding may be the appropriate treatment for you. During treatment, the dentist can fill in the gap by adding some width to the two teeth adjacent to the gap.

Crown Lengthening

Do you have short teeth, or one or two teeth that are disproportionate in size? The cosmetic dental bonding material can be applied to the teeth to produce more length. This can bring uniformity to the teeth, and bring the teeth into balance with surrounding facial features.

Minor Crowding

While cases of moderate to severe crowding should be treated with orthodontics, minor tooth alignment problems can be addressed with dental bonding. If one tooth is twisted or juts out, the dentist can remove a small amount of enamel, and apply the dental bonding material to make the tooth sit flush with surrounding teeth.

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