What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices, custom-made to replace missing teeth. By replacing missing teeth, dentures not only support your facial features but also improve your ability to speak and eat. Some people think that you have to wait until all of your teeth are missing to get dentures, but that is not always the case. In some situations, it may be recommended to get your remaining teeth pulled and get fitted for dentures. In other cases, it may be recommended that you get fitted for partial dentures which would fit in and around your existing teeth. Our dentists will evaluate your teeth, jaw and mouth to find the best option for you.

Different Types of Dentures

There are many different types and variations of dentures that you can get. It’s important to have an expertly designed set of dentures where they feel, look, and function as well as natural teeth. The most common ones are:

  • Traditional, or complete full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures

At All American Smile Dental Studios, we have the ability to do all of the above types of dentures including implant-supported dentures. Our dentures are strong, long-lasting, and fitted to perfection. 

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

With the advancing technology with dental implants, the way dentists replace teeth has drastically changed. By using implants, we are able to take the pressure off of the gums. This support can make the dentures feel almost like natural teeth. You won’t need to get your dentures resized either, since implants help to stimulate the jawbone and encourage bone growth. Learn more about the benefits of implants here.

Have You Stopped Smiling? Get Dentures and Get Your Smile Back!

At All American Smile Dental Studios, our goal is to provide our patients with a comprehensive approach to dentistry. With offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we can offer same-day treatment and accept most dental insurances. We don’t need to refer out to a specialist in most cases because our team is able to render specialized services!

Contact All American Smile Dental Studios to discuss which dentures are right for you. Make your appointment today!