Common Causes of Chipped Teeth

A nice, even, and perfectly aligned smile looks great… unless there are some chips or cracks on the teeth, anyway. Yes, if you have a chip or crack on your teeth, it can adversely affect your overall appearance. For this reason, it is extremely important that you visit our Brooklyn cosmetic dentist office in order to get treatment for any dental damage, whether it’s tooth decay, a chip, a crack, and so on.

Chips are among the most common minor dental problems that we deal with. There are plenty of potential causes for chipped teeth. As a little service to our patients and prospective patients, we want to take a brief moment to talk about the causes of chipped teeth.

The most common cause, usually, is accidents that involve trauma to the face and mouth area. This may mean falling somewhere and landing face first. This could also mean a bicycle accident or car accident that involves facial injury.

Another common cause is sports injuries. In full contact sports, you may be more than just bumped and bruised. You could get chipped and cracked as well. Even sports that don’t involve tackling or contact can result in chipped teeth. Say an errant pop fly hits you in the mouth, or perhaps a soccer ball is suddenly kicked in your direction and you’re not expecting it. Both can result in injury.

Certain foods can also cause chips in your teeth. Hard foods are especially harmful. Bones, seeds, and unpopped popcorn kernels are all common culprits. It should also be noted here that you should never chew on things that are not meant to be chewed, and never use your teeth like they’re a pair of scissors.

You have plenty of options for fixing your chipped teeth, ranging from Brooklyn porcelain veneers to minor dental bonding treatments. We’ll help determine which option is best to meet your needs.

To learn more about dental care and dental health, we encourage you to contact our New York City cosmetic dentistry practice for an appointment today.

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