Almost everyone wants a beautiful smile. For most people that often means having aligned, straight teeth. In order to get straight teeth, many people choose between Invisalign vs braces. 

Braces have been in use for a long time and are well-known for their effectiveness, but Invisalign offers an alternative option for orthodontic patients who are concerned about appearance, care and comfort.

Invisalign treatment uses clear, plastic aligners that are customized for each patient via a 3D scan of their mouth. These customized aligners are then used to move the teeth over time until the correct position is reached. 

Still not sure what to choose? We’ll highlight some of the major benefits of Invisalign vs braces below.

     1. Appearance

One of the main differences between Invisalign and braces is appearance. Unlike braces, Invisalign is practically undetectable during wear. Invisalign aligners are transparent, clear trays made from plastic material, whereas braces are metal.

While in some cases, the patient may prefer braces – like children who enjoy picking out different colored bands for their metal braces – Invisalign offers both children and adults a discreet, unnoticeable alternative. 

     2. Convenience 

Metal braces can be convenient because you don’t have to remove them, however, unlike Invisalign, patients often will need to avoid certain foods that can be difficult or uncomfortable to eat.

Invisalign however, is very practical and convenient for the wearer when you want to eat your favorite foods. You can simply take them out and put them back on after you’ve finished eating!

     3. Comfort

The entire process of straightening your teeth can be a less than comfortable experience. Shifting the alignment of your teeth can be painful for many patients using either Invisalign or braces.

Keeping this in mind, Invisalign tends to be the more comfortable option of the two. There are usually fewer mouth and gum problems with Invisalign because of the gentle plastic the retainers are made from. So you don’t have to worry about cuts inside your mouth from metal braces!

     4. Care

Whether you wear braces or not, cleaning your teeth should always be a part of your regular oral care routine. However, both Invisalign and braces require special conditions when it comes to cleaning.

Braces require brushing and flossing with a specialized floss threader, and routine dentist visits for additional cleaning and care. With Invisalign, you still need to brush and floss regularly, and also clean the trays. It’s recommended to use an Invisalign cleaning solution or warm water to wash and brush the trays.

     5. Maintenance

Regular dentist visits are recommended for both patients with Invisalign and braces. Patients with braces typically need to visit their dentist monthly, while Invisalign patients are recommended to visit every 3 months. In both cases, dentists will check your braces or Invisalign aligners and adjust them as needed to make sure your teeth alignment is progressing well!

In short, Invisalign is the perfect option for working professionals, adults and children alike. Especially those who prefer discrete, low maintenance and comfortable teeth straightening.

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